SSL Certificates

Gain visitor trust and protect user data


Encryption on a budget
$ 7
99 / Year
  • Domain Validation
  • $10,000 Warranty
  • No Paperwork

Wildcard SSL

For all your subdomains
$ 69
99 / Year
  • Domain Validation
  • $10,000 Warranty
  • No Paperwork


For Businesses & Enterprise
$ 29
99 / Year
  • Organization Validation
  • $50,000 Warranty
  • Unlimited Licences


Complete validation for Businesses
$ 99
99 / Year
  • Organization Validation
  • $1,750,000 Warranty
  • Green Bar in Browsers

SEO Boost

Google gives higher ranking preference to secure websites using SSL certificate. The additional benefit of securing your data is an increased SEO performance and visibility.

Ecommerce Trust

SSL certificate will allow you to take online payments, process and store customer information securely. Consumers usually abandon online checkouts if the site does not have a secure padlock.

Secure Information

SSL certificate prevents data from being intercepted when it is being accessed by users. If your site requires a user login, make it encrypted with SSL technology.

A SSL Certificate is a digital certificate that is issued for a domain by the Certificate Authority, in this case Comodo. You must purchase a SSL Certificate and then go through a verification process to be issued with the certificate. This verification is conducted by the Certificate Authority.

We provide free auto SSL certificate with every account. To extend features (Trust Logo, Warranty,  EV Extended Validation, Wildcard) please consider an upgrade.

While it isn’t difficult to install a SSL certificate, you can request help from our support team.

No, we don’t support any upgrade or downgrade on  SSL Certificate plans at the moment.